At the end of an old dirt road in the little fishing community of Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia, the original Rubber Boot Club still stands. Its history is as fun as its name and through the 50’s and 60’s it was in it’s prime. Back then, of course, the community was short on infrastructure but big on music, so the townspeople naturally gravitated to the busiest place where all the locals and musicians hung out- the moonshiner’s house- and the place naturally came to be. 

Conditions resulting from frequent heavy rain and snow storms forced patrons and musicians to don their finest "rubber boots" in order to climb the hill to the “club”- and the name was born. With no shortage of plentiful liquid, the Rubber Boot quickly became a stop for gigging musicians traveling up and down the coast. Due to late night parties, it was not uncommon for one to spend the night, albeit usually sitting up in a chair, before traveling on the following day. Known for its heated parties and late night shenanigans the only complaints ever made were the lack of seating and overall temperature. Despite the known profession of its inhabitants, it is rumored that the local authorities turned a blind eye for decades as they even enjoyed attending.

The new Rubber Boot Club is our tribute to those pioneers from the other coast. While the old home still exists today, you’d be hard-pressed to see a show there anytime soon.  Of course with us you won’t find any bathtub gin, or someone in the morning sleeping up in an old wooden chair, you will find a place you can see, hear, and hopefully participate in some fun live music. Thanks for reading.